In a vision to contribute to a sustainable world, we saw the need to change

Our Purpose

At GraspIT our focus is on current and future issues of proactivity, security, risk management, and continuous improvement, as well as human-centred values such as diversity, inclusion, and environmental responsibility and sustainability. Our vision is to become a global leader in providing an agile and sustainable foundation for others to further build and improve on.

In order to achieve this, we have standardised security, development, deployment and scalability by defining a simplified structure to the already existing technology stack and shaping them into an innovative, secure and managed process. We identified and addressed the growing demands placed on resources, without the need to exponentially multiply the hardware and software requirements placed on the desktop by traditional systems.

Our model has been designed to

  • Increase efficiency and contribute to sustainability by delivering more, using fewer resources
  • Decrease the number of servers and communication packets
  • Lower energy consumption, hardware and other overheads
  • Standardise delivery model to make software development cost effective, secure and agile
  • Reduce licensing costs
  • Be future proofing and assist with knowledge retention

Our Values

Our values guide our decisions and the way we treat each other, and our clients and stakeholders.

We aim for sustainable long-term growth.

We act with integrity.

We work together, demonstrate respect and encourage diversity and inclusiveness.

We strive for excellence and encourage learning and improving.

Our People

Maryam Maleki

Chief Executive Officer

Maryam is a Certified Practising Accountant who also holds a Bachelor in English Translation, a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration and a Masters in Accounting. As Chief Executive Officer of GraspIT, she brings a strong continuous improvement focus to the company through implementation of key processes and procedures, and in setting the standard for excellence in customer service.

Maryam interacts with clients to ensure that their feedback is heard and taken on board to improve processes, products and services, and to build strong collaborative relationships. She also deals with risk management and compliance, and helps to steer GraspIT into the future as a viable and responsible technology research organisation which embraces ethics, sustainability and human-centred values.

Ian Millsom

Technical Director

Ian’s experience of over 27 years in the IT industry and his strong focus on research and development drive GraspIT’s cloud-based information security and data management services. With a blend of engineering, consulting, training and administration skills and experience, Ian brings an analytical mind, pragmatic problem solving and a future-focused discipline to today’s increasingly complex technical world.

Ian has spent the last 20 years working on automation of accounting and ordering processes, and uses this knowledge to formulate solutions to current problems. His knowledge and experience have been instrumental in developing an innovative cloud-based platform, which has seen a successful result following six years of hard work and focusing on industry trends and the technology of the future.

Daniel Vida

Senior Software Engineer

Daniel holds a Bachelor in Information Technology and has been part of our team for six years. He came to us with more than 4 years’ experience in application development for web platforms and database design. His previous role as a software developer involved developing and extending system functionality, researching implementation and up-skilling to address new technologies

Daniel has been involved in expanding, quality assuring, and developing applications for a web based platform with quality focus. He has a flexible approach to analysis and problem solving and the ability to rapidly up-skill to meet rising technologies. He is continually working towards improvement whether that involves professionally collaborating with clients or coordinating with our team to improve internal processes.

Sean Carvalho

Assistant Web Developer

Sean is a junior web developer who joined our team in 2020 as an intern. He impressed us with his technical and interpersonal skills, and we employed him full-time in 2021. Sean holds a Bachelor of Computer Science, majoring in software development and data science, and he achieved excellent results in creating web applications and software engineering.

Sean brings to us his strong computer programming knowledge and motivation to learn cutting edge technology application in a customer-focused environment. His specialist skill is problem solving, and his analytical focus and collaborative approach to teamwork ensure his successful future with Bluesafe and in the wider IT industry.

Venk Kaliaperumal

Cyber Security Analyst

As a former marine engineer, Venk specialised in safety and risk management. In 2020 he commenced study of cyber security and acquired skills as a security analyst. Venk combines his wealth of experience and proactive problem solving skills with cutting edge technical knowledge to ensure that our products and services keep ahead of cyber criminals and give our customers peace of mind.

Venk is a vital member of the team — as we push the boundaries of future technology, he uses his extensive international cutting edge expertise to proactively advise on potential risks for users and to find viable solutions to safeguard corporate information.